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First Time DUI in Ventura

The state of California has started to crack down on drinking and driving. With law enforcement tuning in to cases of drunk driving, more and more people find themselves being arrested for DUI in Ventura. You may not have ever expected to be charged with a crime, much less drunk driving. If you find yourself facing a first-time DUI offense and are unsure of what steps to take next, be sure to call my firm.

At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we provide a superior level of legal service to clients, no matter what charges they are facing. My name is Jennifer Zide, and I am an aggressive Ventura DUI lawyer. I founded my firm to help clients fight unfair or harsh charges, helping them protect their future and their reputation. Ready to fight your charges? Call on my Ventura DUI firm today for counsel!


If you haven’t been charged or convicted of drunk driving in the past, you may be feeling overwhelmed, confused, and concerned. While your future, freedom, and reputation may be on the line, the good news is that you do not have to go through this time alone. I am here to provide the counsel you need to fight your charges.

First time DUI charges may include the following penalties:

  • 48 hours or longer in jail, depending on the BAC level
  • Fines and fees close to $3,000
  • License restrictions or possible suspensions
  • Alcohol education class of 3 months, up to 9 months if there was a high blood alcohol level


If convicted, you will likely be placed on probation for three years, which may include conditions like not driving with any amount of alcohol in your body and submitting to random breathalyzer testing. If it is your second or greater DUI offense, you could be facing 5 years on probation, an 18 month alcohol education class, similarly high fees and jail time.

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