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Experienced and Aggressive DUI Lawyer in Ventura

When you have been arrested for a DUI offense or other crime in Ventura, you need experienced and aggressive representation, a team that will be dedicated to your case and committed to achieving your goals. At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, your case is our priority. As an attorney in private practice for the last six years, Jennifer Zide has represented clients facing a wide range of criminal offenses, achieving excellent results for clients facing charges of Driving Under the Influence and other offenses. With seven years of criminal defense experience, including experience as a deputy public defender, Jennifer Zide brings to every case her commitment to the individual client. From success at trial, to getting our clients more favorable offers and sentences, or the chance to do treatment programs in lieu of time in custody, we do everything possible to get our clients past the obstacles caused by a criminal charge and back on the road of life.


In every Driving Under the Influence case in Ventura County, there are parallel, yet different proceedings: one that goes forward in our criminal court system and another through the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is known as an “administrative per se” hearing. For clients who retain us to represent them in their criminal cases for charges of Driving Under the Influence, we are happy to assist you with your DMV proceeding as well. We will liaison with the DMV on your behalf and schedule your DMV hearing free of charge. We are also available to represent you at your DMV “admin per se” hearing for a reasonable fee.


As your Ventura criminal defense firm, we promise to:

• Listen to your concerns and respect your goals
• Fight to protect your rights
• Provide caring and personalized representation at an affordable price
• Discuss all possible options with you
• Work with professional investigators to uncover evidence if needed
• Retain an expert to evaluate your case if necessary
• Fight for the best results and go the extra mile
• Answer all your questions clearly
• Treat you as an individual and valued client


Some of our notable case results defending clients charged with DUI and other offenses include:

• Driving Under the Influence Jury Trial: Hung jury in favor of the defense and case subsequently dismissed for client facing Driving Under the Influence charges with a .11/.12 alleged blood alcohol level and an accident
• Felony Drug Possession and Transportation Jury Trial: Hung jury in favor of the defense and case subsequently dismissed for client facing alleged Felony Drug Possession and Transportation, where the client was the only person in the car with the drugs under his seat and the officer admitted, under cross-examination, that the drugs were not where he had claimed they were in his police report
• Felony Domestic Violence Jury Trial: Not Guilty for client facing charges of Felony Domestic Violence, with an alleged history of domestic violence, serious alleged conduct, and expert testimony
• Misdemeanor Theft Court Trial: Client found Not Guilty by the court after defense exposed witness identification issue
• Driving Under the Influence Jury Trial: DUI charge reduced to straight reckless driving (not “wet reckless”) with more favorable terms than the standard sentence for reckless driving (reduced probation term, reduced fines) after trial started
• DUI special allegation enhancements (for high blood alcohol level) dropped, resulting in no additional custody time

• Clients charged with 1 st offense DUI receive “credit for time served” or no additional time in custody, in lieu of the standard sentence involving 48 hours jail or 5 days work release
• High blood alcohol allegation dropped after argument to court and report by forensic toxicology specialist, resulting in no additional jail time in over .15% DUI
• Client with over .20% alleged blood alcohol level received no additional jail time and only community service
• DUI charge dismissed as result of dispute over faulty breath test machine
• Hit and run cases dismissed (not as a result of “civil compromise”)
• Check Fraud case dismissed
• Theft case dismissed
• Criminal Threats case dismissed (juvenile)
• Felony fraud case reduced to misdemeanor
• Drug offenders charged with felony possession received “Diversion”, successfully completed program, and avoided conviction
• Drug offender facing multiple charges, including other non-drug related charges that stemmed from drug addiction, and having not successfully completed one treatment program through “Drug Court”, received a second chance to participate in residential treatment, successfully completing a one year residential treatment program in lieu of close to seven years in prison

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