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Expungement and Early Termination of Probation

One of the most hopeful things we can find in a criminal case scenario is a fresh start. We have stood by our clients and provided this hope, even when a fresh start has seemed impossible. Due to this determination, we have provided fresh starts to our clients in many ways, most typically involving early termination of probation and/or expungement.


One client was charged with a violation of probation and facing an original sentence recommendation of thirty days in order to “terminate” probation. This was a case where a client had sustained a conviction for first offense Driving Under the Influence approximately ten years ago and was sentenced to a three year grant of probation. He had originally complied with the terms of his probation in important ways; he had paid off his court-ordered fines and fees and successfully participated in the First Offender Alcohol Education Class, which is a standard condition of DUI probation. However, as he went on with his daily life, he lost touch with probation. The result: by the time the client came to us, he was labeled as “asconding” from probation; in essence, he had “disappeared” and failed in his obligation to allow probation to supervise him under the terms of his sentence. In such a scenario, where the client has in effect “disappeared” and is considered not to be amenable to the supervision of probation, the client is normally looking at a hefty jail sentence in order to achieve what is called a “terminal” disposition in his case. This was a case where the client, now a successful local business owner, had not only complied with the other terms of probation, but he had, since then, turned his life around.

Every year, his business participated in a charitable Christmas toy drive that showed his commitment to giving back to his community. Further, as we pointed out through testimonials, our client was a kind-hearted person and a devoted family man who was well-liked and respected by all, ranging from employees to business associates. By highlighting the important ways in which our client complied with probation, gathering letters on his behalf, and making a persuasive case to the court to emphasize all that was good and deserving about our client, we were ultimately able to get a terminal disposition in this case that involved no jail time and a successful termination of probation. The court even reflected when pronouncing its sentence that he had “closed a chapter” on that past part of his life and was now a different person from the man who “absconded” from probation all those years ago. After this successful termination of probation, we are pleased to say that we then achieved an expungement for this same client to fully clear his record and give him that “fresh start” that he so deserved.


In another case, a client who was in the military, unfortunately, suffered a “severance” of his service due to more than one Driving Under the Influence conviction on his record. The one DUI in which we represented him was on a high blood alcohol content over .20%. In this case, we achieved a sentence that involved community service instead of any additional jail time. We were later able to obtain a successful early termination of probation on the same case. This client, a young man who had devoted his life to serving his country, had already lost so much. However, he never gave up and struggled to re-build, going to school locally and seeking employment. In turn, we never gave up on him throughout his trials. It was the probation and that conviction on his record that, despite all his efforts, was limiting his options. We successfully obtained an expungement to clear his record and provide him with a fresh start. Today, we are pleased to say that he has a good job and is moving forward in positive directions. This is the kind of real help that an early termination of probation and an expungement can offer an individual.


An expungement is, at its heart, a chance. It is a chance to move on from one event in the past and to not let it unfairly limit your options. It is a fresh start to not let past mistakes define you as a person. At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we are motivated by our core belief in our clients, in the idea that they are deserving, even when other forces, from law enforcement to the court system itself, often insist that they are not. It is the goal of criminal defense attorneys to see that individual justice is done and to stand by our clients, whatever it takes. And it is our goal too to help the courts find some charity and understanding, some real justice at the end of the day. And that, we believe, has done all of us good, not just our individual clients. To find out how we can help you with early termination of probation or an expungement, please contact us today. We are here to help.

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