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You Fight for Us, We Fight for You

At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we are committed to honoring and supporting our enlisted men and women, officers and veterans, who have done so much to preserve freedom for all of us. We are devoted to achieving success for our men and women in uniform and offer special retainers to current and past military personnel in recognition of your service. We understand that sometimes, by virtue of being in the military, our clients are facing additional hurdles and pressures where not only their cases, but their very careers, are on the line. It is at those critical moments that we stand by you.


We are proud of our record of successful results on behalf of clients in the military, including:

  1. Case Dismissed on behalf of a client now serving in our U.S. Navy (unjustly accused of Criminal Threats);
  2. Case Dismissed on behalf of an officer/ commander of a squadron unjustly accused (alleged theft set against the backdrop of a “vengeful ex-spouse” scenario);
  3. Reduced a seven year sentence to one year of residential drug treatment for an Army veteran with a history of drug and fraud offenses;
  4. No additional jail time and community service only in high blood alcohol content Driving Under the Influence case;
  5. Dropped special allegations in high blood alcohol content Driving Under the Influence case, lowered potential sentence of 10 days in custody for high blood alcohol content to a sentence of two days of work release, and the shorter 3 month long alcohol education class, rather than the standard nine month class for high blood alcohol content;
  6. Successful early terminations of probation and expungements


We work with our clients to get them the best possible resolutions or dismissals in their cases to clear their names. We are committed to getting our military clients the best results through expert analysis, effective arguments and thorough investigation. In one recent case, we achieved continuances over the course of a year, continuously stood by our client, and worked directly with out-of-state counsel to lift a “hold” on his license and help clear the way to getting his full California license restored. Why? Because it is a matter of principle – and we do not take that lightly. You can count on us to honor our commitment to you and to your case – and to stand by you in a real and lasting way. Please contact us today to discuss the details of your case and what we can do to get you back on course.

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