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Ventura DMV Hearings


As a Spring Special, the Law Office of Jennifer Zide is currently offering representation at your DMV hearing included with the price of your retainer in your DUI court case. We will call the DMV to schedule your hearing, liaison with the DMV on your behalf, and, most importantly, give you the best defense possible at your DMV hearing as a bonus service when you retain us for your DUI court case.

We also can offer you special reduced rates on early termination of probation and expungements to clear your record. Contact Jennifer Zide for details.


For clients and friends facing a charge of Driving Under the Influence, it is important to note that you have 10 days from the date on your citation to call the DMV to request your hearing, which is called an “Administrative Per Se” hearing. Your DMV hearing is a completely different proceeding from your Court case. In court, the burden is on the prosecution to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you were either driving with .08% or higher blood alcohol content or driving when your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle was impaired. In your DMV hearing, the only burden that must be satisfied is that it is “more likely than not” (that’s 51% likely) that you were driving with .08% or higher blood alcohol content. The three issues at your DMV hearing are: (1) were you driving; (2) did you have .08% or higher blood alcohol content at time of driving; and (3) was your stop legal. Therefore, the most persuasive and coordinated defense is essential to a successful result for you.


The Law Office of Jennifer Zide will thoroughly analyze your police report, review your case with you for all issues from stop through arrest, and coordinate a meeting for you with your own forensic toxicology specialist. My office partners with a forensic toxicology specialist who has 30 years of experience as a scientist with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab, who has in-depth knowledge of a DUI case from both the prosecution side and the defense side, and who can help us make the best scientific arguments on your behalf. Review by your expert provides a fuller understanding of issues for your DMV hearing defense – and, at the same time, provides important information for the defense of your DUI court case. All of us will sit down together and your expert will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the scientific issues in your case and answer any questions you might have. At your hearing, my office will provide you with the strongest legal defense possible, attacking the errors and weaknesses in the case made by the officer through his report, cross-examining your arresting officer, and presenting crucial witnesses or scientific evidence in your defense.

We have one goal in your DMV hearing: to get you that “set aside” the license suspension that you so deserve and to remove the additional burden imposed upon you by the DMV rules and restrictions. We previously offered the service of calling the DMV and gathering information, but it came to my attention that my clients needed more. We are offering a comprehensive representation, your court case in concert with your DMV hearing, for a limited time in order to best serve you, our client. We are dedicated to being on your side, in the courtroom and beyond, removing the burden of navigating the DMV bureaucracy and giving you the best possible defense at your DMV hearing. Together, we will get you back on the road, and even better road than where you left off, and you won’t have to travel it alone. That is my promise to you. Our DUI credentials:

  • We have successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases.
  • We understand the issues involved in DUI defense, including issues with alleged observations, field sobriety tests, breath and blood tests.
  • We have a long track record of success.


If you have questions about your Driving Under the Influence court case or your Driving Under the Influence citation and the steps required to contest your license suspension with the DMV, do not delay. Call us today. We remove the road blocks and help you find freedom down the road.

Please Note: Any additional costs associated with your DMV defense, such as that associated with ordering the officer to appear at your DMV hearing through subpoena or securing the testimony of a forensic toxicology specialist for your defense, are to be paid by client. Even if your 10 day “window” has closed by the time you contact us, we will take steps to get you back on track with the DMV as soon as we are retained on your DUI case.

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