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At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we protect your rights and your freedom.  We aggressively defend our clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony offenses ranging from DUI, to Drug Offenses, to Domestic Violence, to Theft and Property Crimes. Our team of skilled and experienced investigators, with over 75 years of combined law enforcement expertise, stands ready to support your case and help you get the best possible outcome.

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DUI Myth #2  A DUI Stop starts when an officer sees “bad driving”.

DUI Charges

At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we combine experience and commitment to provide you with the best defense possible. As a former Mendocino County Deputy Public Defender, I gained extensive experience representing thousands of DUI clients, achieving favorable sentences for clients, and successfully defending DUI clients at trial.

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Drug Offenses

As a former Deputy Public Defender in Mendocino County, I have extensive experience successfully representing hundreds of clients charged with drug crimes ranging from Possession of a Controlled Substance, to Transportation of a Controlled Substance, to Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.

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Domestic Violence

If you are charged with assault and battery, criminal threats or any violent crime in Ventura County, you face serious penalties including jail time, probation, and limitations on your freedom. A conviction of a crime of violence can also have consequences for your future.

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Theft, Fraud & Property Crimes

As your criminal defense lawyer, I am dedicated to protecting your rights and to providing you with the best defense possible. I will aggressively defend you against charges of theft, fraud, burglary or identity theft in Ventura County.

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About Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Zide:

At my law office, I am proud to defend my clients with passion, integrity and dedication. As a former deputy public defender in Mendocino County and a private criminal defense attorney in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, I have sucessfully defended hundreds of clients charged with DUI and drug offenses. I have achieved excellect trial results, as well as dismissals in cases ranging from resisting arrest, to hit and run, to check fraud, theft and criminal threats. I have also successfully gotten clients the oppurtunity to particpate in residential treatment programs, instead of doing time in jail or prison, on drug and drug-use related charges.


 At The Law Office of Jennifer Zide "We are always on your side".

My Trial Highlights Include: Driving Under the Influence: Hung jury in favor of the defense in a DUI case with a .11/.12 alleged blood alcohol level and an accident
 - Result: Case Dismissed
Felony Drug Charge: Hung jury in favor of the defense in a felony drug possession and transportation case where my client was the only person in the car with the drugs
 - Result: Case Dismissed
Violent Crime: Not Guilty in a domestic violence case involving a history of alleged domestic violence and expert psychiatric testimony
 - Result: Not Guilty
Theft Crime: Not Guilty in theft case involving eyewitness identification issue
 - Result: Not Guilty

Ventura DUI Lawyer

Our DUI in Ventura “myth of the day”: Because an officer arrests someone, he must be guilty.   Not so. Often, there is confusion...

published: Aug 2, 2013

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