Effective DUI Defenses in Ventura


If you find yourself arrested for drunk driving, you need to start building a defense right away. Just because you have been charged with DUI, does not mean that you are automatically convicted! You can fight your charges with the help of a seasoned and experienced Ventura DUI lawyer.
At my Ventura DUI defense firm, we provide personalized and aggressive representation to clients. If you want to build a strong and strategic defense against your charges, make sure you call on us. We work with experts in the field of DUI to evaluate our clients' cases and explore all possible defenses. Give my firm a call today at (805) 901-5403 to discuss your case over a free initial consultation!


There are many factors involved in a DUI case, including driving evidence, testimonials, and the arrest process. If there are questions surrounding any of these areas, you may be able to build an effective defense around them.

The following can be used to strengthen your case in regards to the arrest process:
• An officer did not have the right to stop your car or administer a chemical test
• An officer failed to read you your rights or violated them in some way
• You were arrested based on the fact that you "appeared drunk", with no evidence
• An officer did not follow proper procedures during the arrest
Evidence obtained during the traffic stop or arrest may be ruled inadmissible in court if any of the above occurred. This can add great strength to your defense, making it very difficult for the prosecution to prove your guilt.

The following issues related to driving and tests can also help with your defense:
• An officer waited a long time after pulling you over to administer a test
• You were taking a new medication or ate some food that gave false results on a test
• A test was calibrated incorrectly or used by an untrained officer
• An officer never observed you driving, only saw you on the side of the road, etc.
• A test was performed incorrectly or results were contaminated in the lab
You may also be able to question an officer's testimony, present supporting witness testimonials, or provide other evidence for your "alleged DUI", such as a physical impairment that caused you to perform badly on the field sobriety tests.


To prove you are guilty in a prosecution for DUI in Ventura, the burden is on the prosecution to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you were, at the time of driving, either driving with actual impairment of your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle or driving with a blood alcohol level in excess of the legal limit.

The prosecution may attempt to prove that you were violating either section of the DUI law by using a variety of evidence, including:

• Your alleged driving pattern
• Reason for the stop
• Any symptoms or observations alleged by officers
• Your performance on so-called field sobriety tests
• Any statements you made to officers
• Results of any preliminary alcohol screening test you may have taken
• Breath or blood test results

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