Getting Your Cases Re-Sentenced Under Prop 47

Under the newly passed law Prop 47, most drug offenses - unless they involve alleged sales of large quantities - will now be treated as misdemeanors. So too will alleged theft or fraud offenses which clients previously plead to as felonies, depending on the dollar amount involved.
If you have been convicted of a past felony drug offense or a past felony theft/fraud offense, you may be eligible for re-sentencing under Prop 47.

In very real terms, re-sentencing means a very real benefit to you. Not only will a felony be removed from your record, which will now only reflect a lesser misdemeanor conviction, the terms of your sentence will dramatically change. Other benefits of Prop 47 re-sentencing involve saving on the monthly cost of formal probation (as opposed to your new misdemeanor "summary probation") and a much reduced custody term, if you ever "fall out" of the drug treatment and are facing time in custody. To review all the ways in which Prop 47 could benefit you under the circumstances of your particular case, call us today. We are here to help you achieve re-sentencing and move on with your lives.

Other ways to improve or erase your record after you have been convicted include petitions for early termination of probation and expungement. At the Law Office of Jennifer Zide, we are dedicated to helping you recover from the past and move forward in a positive direction. Call us today at (805) 901-5403 to discuss all the options open to you.

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